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 Welcome to our exceptional integrated clinic in Warwickshire, in the heart of England.

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We have hand-picked our team of clinicians and therapists to support our patients in achieving the best possible state of health and well-being.

We believe that to be as healthy and well as possible we need to be in balance – physically, psychologically and emotionally. In order to achieve this balance for our patients our clinicians and therapists, from medical and alternative healthcare disciplines, collaborate together with you.

Our patients often come to us with a particular problem – perhaps suffering from back pain, or depression, or looking for support to lose weight or manage a chronic condition. Based on that initial concern you may seek out a particular area of expertise which you feel will be most beneficial to you – perhaps a medical doctor, chiropractor or hypnotherapist. On further discussion and examination, however, we often find that your initial symptom or condition may be one of several; and the causes of your symptoms are often different or more complex than you might assume.

The clinician you see initially can therefore draw on the expertise of colleagues in order to develop the best possible care package and achieve the best possible results for you.

Our expert team includes medical doctors (GPs), back pain and biomechanics experts, weight-loss specialists, psychologists, medical-aesthetics practitioners and others.

We strive to offer the best possible overall experience for our patients and so we offer:

  • A professional and welcoming reception team, who will do their very best to meet your needs and look after you from your first call or visit to us onwards
  • A wide range of appointment times: early mornings, late evenings, and emergency / out of hours appointments.
  • A beautifully-appointed clinic in a countryside setting, but easily accessible from major roads, rail and air links.
  • A choice of appointment formats: personal consultations in the practice and (for registered patients as appropriate) home visits, telephone consultations and email advice.
  • Most of our clinicians offer comprehensive initial sessions of around 60 minutes. Our GP’s also offer generous appointment slots: a standard appointment of 20 minutes, and even longer appointments for special health checks and services – to allow a full and unhurried discussion of any areas of concern.
  • A range of tailored services: consultations, tests and assessments, vaccinations, medicals and health-check packages
  • Rapid treatment or onward referral: quick and convenient ‘on the spot’ tests and treatment where possible, and efficient onward referral to specialist providers or consultants, that we will progress on your behalf
  • A poly-clinic setting with access to many primary care specialists who work from the clinic, enabling us to often immediately recommend or refer you for common problems including back pain, depression or weight-management support.